How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost?

Hair is one of the most important assets that play a prime role in determining one’s appearance. Hair fall, balding, and thinning are some of the issues leading to hair loss. Loss of hair is often associated with loss of self confidence and personality. Moreover, it may make you look older than what you really are! It does certainly affect your social standing, whether at workplace or at home, among colleagues or with family and friends. Numerous home remedies and medical treatments are available for fixing the hair fall problems. An advanced medical solution available these days is the hair transplantation. This article answers your questions such as what is hair transplantation. How is it done? How much does a hair transplant cost? and many more.

How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost

What Is Hair Transplantation?

Hair Transplant is a surgical approach that involves transplanting of hair follicles from an area of the body called the ‘donor site’ to the balding area of the body called the ‘recipient site’. Hair transplantation is usually practiced to treat male pattern baldness. Hair transplants are restricted not only to the head, but also to for the below:

  • Eyelashes
  • Beard hair
  • Eyebrows
  • Chest hair
  • Scars due to surgery like earlier hair transplants and face-lifts
  • To fill in scars caused by accidents

How Extensive Is A Hair Transplant Surgery?

The nature and extent of hair transplant determine the extensiveness of the hair transplantation surgery. This extensiveness in turn determines the cost of transplantation. So, how much does a hair transplant cost? The more the transplant requirement, the more will be the cost.

How Is Hair Transplantation Done?

To start with, the surgeon cleans the scalp in the donor area, and injects an anesthesia to numb the area from where a 3 to 4-inch strip of scalp will be withdrawn. After removing the strip of scalp, the scalp is sewn and closed. This area is immediately hidden by the hair around it.

The surgeon then divides the strip of the removed scalp into approximately 500 to 2,000 tiny grafts containing an individual hair or just a few hairs each. The number and type of graft used depends on a number of parameters such as:

  • The hair type
  • The quality
  • The color
  • The size of the area where it will be transplanted

After the grafts are prepared, the surgeon then cleans and numbs the area where these have to be transplanted. Here, he creates holes or slits with a needle where the hair will be placed and delicately places each graft therein. Depending on the extent of the procedure, the transplant may take approximately 4 to 8 hours. Additional sitting sessions may also be recommended.

How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost?

Hair transplant cost varies greatly, depending on a number of factors like:

  • The hair loss involved.
  • The quantity of donor hair available.
  • The properties of the donor hair in terms of its color, texture, curl, etc.
  • The outcome that you desire for.

The usual cost of a hair transplant surgery is anything between US$ 3000 to US$ 20,000. Now, this is just a wide range of costs. Again, you can certainly find one according to what suits your budget. Cheaper and affordable hair transplantation surgeries are also available. It is left up to you to decide how you weigh the factors, to decide upon the cost. The pivotal factors that go into deciding how much does hair transplant cost are:

  • The number of grafts
  • The type of grafts
  • The number of sessions required

Apart from the above three main factors, other factors like your choice of the surgeon and the medical clinic are also important deciding factors. If the surgeon is a well-known and qualified one with expertise in the field, he is certainly going to charge you a bomb!

Here are a few more details that would help you into weighing each of the above factors:

1. The Number Of Grafts

What is a hair graft? A hair graft is a small piece of hair tissue with one or more follicles embedded in it. This has the biggest influence on the cost of the hair transplantation procedure. A single graft can cost you anything between $ 3 to $ 9 or even more. Therefore, the more the number of grafts required, the more will be the cost of the hair transplantation surgery. However, there are also clinics and transplant surgeons that make lucrative offers like, the higher the number of grafts required, the lower will be the cost per graft. The number of grafts required can vary in large numbers, but it cannot be anything lower than 100. Hence, for practical reasons, the count has been kept multiples of hundreds. The surgeon normally provides the estimate in terms of the number of grafts required. Based on this, one can get an idea of how much does a hair transplant cost.

However, also bear in mind that the figure estimated at the beginning of the procedure may not be final. It may vary greatly. As the procedure comes to completion, or is halfway through, the surgeon may feel the need for more grafts to complete the look, or make it look more natural. Therefore, the cost estimated at the beginning of the surgery is just a rough estimate; and the actual figure may extend way beyond it.

2. Types Of Grafts

The second major factor in determining the cost of hair transplantation is the type of graft. There are generally two types of grafts, which are obviously priced differently. Let us take a closer look at each type so that you can weigh down the options on your own.

3. FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant

This is more or less a traditional way of hair transplantation. A strip of hair is taken from the donor area, and cut down to obtain individual grafts. This is easier to perform, and less pinching on the pockets. However, there is a drawback. It leaves a seam on the donor area, i.e. if the strip is taken from the back of your head, which is a normalcy; it leaves a scar behind there. It can only be hidden later if the hair grows longer, else the gap remains.

4. FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction

This option is more apt for men who wear their hair short. The individual grafts are taken from the donor area one at a time, leaving less scarring. This option of grafting is more expensive as the procedure involved is very elaborate. It requires more skill and expertise to perform. Therefore, the cost of this procedure is 50 – 100% higher than the other option.

5. Follicular Unit Transplant – easy on pocket; easy on procedure

The Follicular Unit Transplant weighs down the cost, and at the same time, it is a recommended procedure too. The following list of factors adds to the advantages of a FUT.

  • Higher Density – enables to implant a higher number of hairs in a demarcated area.
  • Natural Look achieved
  • Growth levels are high
  • Facilitates the treatment of areas which are not completely bald, but are nearing baldness

How To Calculate The Hair Transplantation Cost?

The cost of hair transplantation would greatly vary from patient to patient. Here are the factors that determine the cost.

1. The Cost Per Graft

The cost is determined mainly on a “per graft” basis. Hence, a consultation prior to estimating the cost is a must. Though your hair transplant cost varies according to your needs, the information here below would enable you to have a general idea of the cost figures. An important factor to be noted is that the more the number of hair to be transplanted, the lower is the cost! It generally ranges from $4,000 to $15,000. The table here below mentions the cost per graft and the cost particular to the procedure to give you an idea of how much do hair transplants cost in the US.

Number of grafts Traditional US$ FUEUS$
800 – 1500 2,400-4,500 4,800-9,000
1200-3000 3,600-9,000 7,200-18,000
1800-4000 5,400-12,000 10,800-24,000
2700-5000 8,100-15000 16,200 – 30,000
4500-7000+ 13,500-21,000 27,000-42,000

 2. Number Of Transplant Sessions Required

The cost does not end here. What follows is the number of sessions required for the transplant to complete. The cost increases with the increase in the number of sessions. Each session is accompanied with costs that are associated with the procedure and the other mandatory requirements for the same like – anesthesia, facility fees, etc. These are all the costs that are associated with the surgical procedure for hair transplantation. However, the expenses don’t end here as there is a list of post-surgical care and precautionary measures you have to adhere to.

3. The Post Surgical Care

After the hair transplant, the initial days require a lot of care and precautions. As it is a surgical procedure, the skin of the localized area tends to become very tender. There may be inflammations and swellings too. You are therefore put on medications to avoid any severity or further aggravation of the problem. A surgical dressing is advised to be worn; and antibiotics / anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed to keep any infection at bay. About 60% of normal hair growth will be visible in 6 to 9 months time.

4. Hidden Cost / Risk Factor

Even after undergoing hair transplant, the hair loss may continue unstopped. Hence, a repeat procedure may be advised if a gap develops between the receding hairline and transplanted hair. This makes the procedure even more expensive. After undergoing two traditional transplants, they leave no room to further stretch the scalp. So eventually there is no room left to take hair from for another transplant. The scenario turns into a nightmare if the hair fall continues, and gives you an appearance of a doll-like scalp, revealing the hair plugs. Repairing this situation turns to be very expensive.

How To Reduce The Overall Cost Of The Hair Transplant Surgery?

If you must have a hair transplant, make sure you make it succeeds at the first shot. Let it be a one-time expense. This can be achieved by following up the surgery with a laser treatment. Laser helps you to hold on the hair that you have, and prevents further hair loss. For those men with high graft counts, laser is the only viable option. The laser can help stop the hair loss, and at the same time make sure that the situation does not worsen. This is achieved by stimulating the follicles, if the follicles are alive. Laser, once again, is not a prompt procedure. It involves several weeks or several sessions. Laser can begin soon after the healing is achieved post a hair transplantation surgery. Laser stops the hair loss, and gives you a fuller and a brand new look!

What Are The Latest Advances In Hair Transplantation?

  • Hair transplant surgery has become much less painful than it used to be earlier.
  • Use of facial hair as an additional donor has been incorporated widely.
  • Advanced techniques make use of the expanded needle concept in FUE.
  • Follicular unit hair transplants have replaced older methods of flap transfer.
  • An advanced, stitch-less, FUSE technique does away with all the pain and stitches; the patient goes back home the same day.

To sum it all up – Before opting for hair transplantation, one needs to be genuinely made understood the whole concept. Hair transplant does not create or give you new hair. It merely involves transplanting your hair from a place to another place where it is more. It is important to remember that a hair transplant is elective surgery – nobody needs to have a hair transplant. If you are genuinely bothered by hair thinning and hair loss, transplantation can work wonders to boost your appearance and self-confidence. However, as aforementioned, there are a number of risks involved to the surgery, which could affect the cost factor tremendously. Furthermore, you should undergo hair transplant only and only if you are healthy. Discuss the potential risks associated and post surgical care with your doctor before taking any hurried steps. At the end of the day, how much you spend on your hair transplant is your decision.


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