How Long Does Plan B Stay In Your System?

One of the biggest and worst mistakes anyone can do is having sex without the protection. It is a very crucial mistake, and should always be taken seriously. Although, there are numerous contraceptives that are already available in the market, almost every single medication has some limitations to it. Therefore, if the instructions are not followed properly, then it may have severe negative side effects. So, without any dangerous side effects comes in the picture a medication called Plan-B. Many of you might have heard about this tablet. Nevertheless, do you know what exactly plan b is? Under what circumstances can it be used? What are its side effects? Most importantly, how long does plan b stay in your system? All the answers of these questions are given in this article. We understand that the problem of unprotected sex can be dangerous, but do not worry at all. Just sit back, relax and read on all the details of the plan b that you must learn.

how long does plan b stay in your system

What Is Plan B?

Before looking into the details of plan b, let’s understand what exactly is plan b? What does it have inside it and some other basic details about it. It is a tablet that has a medicine whose name is levonorgestrel. It is a hormone that is found in the females, and its primary work is to prevent the process of releasing the egg from the ovary, also known as the process of ovulation. It works by causing the changes inside the cervical mucus and uterine lining by making it hard. In this way, it makes the surface hard and prevents the sperms from entering the uterus and not allowing the attachment between the fertilized egg and the uterus.

The primary role of the plan b tablet is to prevent the pregnancy that can occur due to the unprotected sex or even because of the failure of other kind of birth control techniques, for example, breaking of the condom, forgetting to take the birth control pill and many more. So, in such cases, plan b is an effective savior for you.
Apart from preventing you from the unexpected pregnancy, there are numerous other uses of plan b that are not listed in the medication guides.

How Long Does Plan B Stay In Your System?
This is one question of which everyone wants to know the answer, and the answer to this question is that once you have consumed the plan b, it will stay inside your body for around 24 to 48 hours. So, it was about plan b. Do not forget to consume plan b within 72 hours of unprotected sex, and if in case you feel any side effects, immediately consult your doctor or the pharmacist regarding the same.

How Long Does Sperm Stay In Your Body?

Before looking into the details of the what and how of plan b, let’s have a quick look of sperm and its travel inside a woman’s body. Understanding starts when a new lifestyle is to be created by an egg and sperm blend. However, for this that occurs, the timing has to be appropriate. It’s crucial that sexual intercourse be timed around ovulation since sperm is now living in a female’s body for a short time.


Sperm can be a person a sort of gender cell that is made by a person. It is produced by climax and is generated inside the testicles. The sperm moves through the cervix of the female and into the fallopian tubes once climax has occurred during sexual activity. It will locate a newly introduced egg, and will attempt to combine once the sperm is in the fallopian tube. The recently established cell will travel down to the uterus to begin the process of creating a new life and also to implant to the uterine wall when the sperm works in feeding the egg.


The typical guy ejaculates between 180 thousand and 400 million sperm per ejaculation. Nevertheless, it only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg. Males who develop 20-million or less sperm per climax are identified to get fertility issues. Sperm requires ten months to mature, and during this period the sperm stay within the testicles. The sperm will await climax, once mature. It will take approximately five minutes to 1 hour to attain the tubes, once ejaculated. Before being eliminated in the body once in the fallopian tubes, the sperm can remain between two and five days.


Sperm’s main purpose is the replica. During sexual intercourse, if a male ejaculates within the feminine body, and until it reaches the fallopian tube the sperm will quickly travel through the cervix and uterus. The sperm can join towards the outer level and begin releasing an enzyme if an egg exists. This molecule can permit the sperm to eat the screen, and causes the finish of the egg to break up. If the sperm works in attaining the interior area of the egg, all other sperm will be avoided from entering the egg. The moment the egg is entered by the sperm, they commence the DNA replication approach and join. The newly produced blastocyte may travel along the fallopian tubes towards the womb and can start implanting, or connecting, towards the wall. This is where it’ll become a baby. If an egg isn’t current at that time of ejaculation, the sperm can remain in the fallopian tube till it’s expelled by the female body or until it meets using an egg.

Time Frame

The conventional timeframe for sperm to reside in every female body is 2 to 3 days. Nevertheless, sperm can stay in the body for five days provided that the effects are beneficial. For the conditions to become positive, the rich cervical mucus should be present. Mucus that’s egg whites’ persistence is considered rich and provides help for that sperm while trying to fertilize the egg. In this form of cervical mucus, sperm can go quicker and may also take advantage of the defensive coating the mucus provides. The vast majority of sperm is expelled within hours of ejaculation. Although, sperm may stay in a very fertile woman’s body up-to five times.


Because the sperm may live inside the body for up to five nights, partners wishing to avoid pregnancy must avoid having unprotected intercourse throughout the week prior to ovulation. This may let sperm prior to the egg is produced, to become eliminated. Birth control practices should be used if pregnancy is not desired if intercourse occurs.

What To Expect Before Using Plan B?

When you have decided to go for plan b, it is important you look for certain factors. The reason is that there are always some risks, and you should weigh these risks against all the goods.
This is the first thing you must look for. However, all the studies have not shown any kind of pediatric related problems that would limit the usefulness of the levonorgestrel in the females.

Not all, but some of the women vomit after consuming the tablet, if you are one of them, then there are fair chances that you may not have consumed the tablet completely, or your body has not accepted it by now. In such case, it is a good idea that you call your healthcare professional and consult with him because you may have to take another dose. But do not go for another dose unless you have consulted with your healthcare professional. Consuming a plan b should not disturb your period timings. Hence, after taking it, you must get your periods at your normal time. There may be a deviation of one or two days, either early or late. However, there are chances that you can experience spotting after a few days of taking plan b.

After this, if you are waiting for your period, try to avoid having intercourse at any cost, or if you are going for it, do not forget to use any type of contraceptive, either a male or female condom. If you took plan b because you have missed your birth control pills, instantly go to a pharmacist or a doctor to inform them about the same. Know the best way through which you can resume taking the medicines. In the mean time, during the time of intercourse, try to go for another kind of contraception, for example, condoms or something else, until you get back to the normal schedule for your birth control pill. One more very important thing you must not overlook is that if you do not get your periods on time, or your periods have been delayed for more than three weeks, then there are fair chances that you are pregnant. In such case, do not delay and talk to your doctor, or go for the pregnancy tests.

Dosage of Plan B

You should not be careless on the dosage of Plan B. This is because consuming the wrong dosage may have serious side effects, and it can be extremely harmful to your body. The correct dosage is to have one tablet of plan b as soon as possible after you had the unprotected sex. The time duration is to consume it within the 72 hours after unprotected intercourse. This is also known as the suspected contraceptive failure.

It is always good if you take the tablet as soon as possible and do not delay. Once done with the first tablet, the second tablet should be taken within the 12 hours after the first dose. You can also use plan b if you have the menstrual cycle, and there is no restriction of time in such case. If you feel bad or vomited within the two hours after consuming the dosage, you may consider revising the dose. Also, you can also consult your doctor or the pharmacist on repeating the dose.

Side Effects

Now comes the most important part which is the side effects. You may have any of the below-mentioned side effects or sometimes more than one. If you get any of these side effects, you may consider going to the doctor for consultation. Let’s look at the side effects of Plan b. You have experienced light, or even heavy menstrual bleeding, or you may also experience the absence, missed or even irregular menstrual periods and cramps. In some of the cases, you may even feel the irregular menstruation, pain, mild or normal pain in your pelvis area. However, you can also experience a total stop in your menstrual bleeding.

In some of the side effects that you face because of the consumption of levonorgestrel, there is no need of any medications. Slowly and gradually, your body gets used to the medicine and these side effects will automatically disappear. You can also consult your healthcare professional so that he or she can help in the reduction of these symptoms in your body. However, do not forget to recheck with them if any of these side effects return or continue, or if you are highly concerned about them.

Some of the other side effects also include stomach or abdominal pains, headaches, nausea, tenderness of the breasts, vomiting, unusual tiredness or weakness during work or even dizziness. In the rarest of the cases, you may also go through Diarrhea. There sometimes when you can also experience cardiovascular side effects that include hypertension. Apart from this there are of the genitourinary side effects which include vaginitis, leucorrhea, dysmenorrheal, pain in your breasts, abnormal pap smear and decreased libido also. Some of the very common reactions that are adverse include uterine or vaginal bleeding that also include spotting, irregular bleeding, heavy bleeding, oligomenorrhea and amenorrhea and ovarian cysts. Plan b can also affect your nervous system and can give some of the side effects that include some respiratory infection and sinusitis. You may also gain weight after the consumption of plan b and feel fatigue after doing some of the common works.

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