How Long Does Hydrocodone Stay In Your System?

Is a drug test for Vicodin at school or work is fast approaching? And are you wondering how long does hydrocodone stay in your system? If yes, then the article provide you with the necessary info along with the effects of this element in the body and what it is used. Before analyzing its halftime, side effects, signs, and detection time, let us know what is hydrocodone?

How Long Does Hydrocodone Stay In Your System

What Is Hydrocodone?

Hydrocodone similar to morphine are used to relieve pain. Sometimes opioid is termed as narcotic. The extended-release forms of this substance namely Hysingla ER and Zohydro ER and these are used for treatment to ease the pain. Additionally, the chemical may not be used on the basis of as per the requirement or pain. Keep it to the minimal.

Using the medicine in large quantities may be harmful. As it may slow down or stop the breathing. Also, do not use this for long than the prescribed duration. While consuming the pill do not crush or open to release the material inside. In case if you swallow the open pill then it may result in fatal effects as your organs are vulnerable to those substances. Even if you are frequently consuming and at regular instances, it may be habit forming. Never keep this medicine in reach of other and do not share with anyone especially, the ones with drug addiction past. Choose a place where nobody can get. Make sure the drug not used without a prescription as it may cause death, addiction, or overdose. Patients with breathing problems or severe asthma, block in intestine or stomach may avoid using these drugs. Avoid using this drug during pregnancy as the new-born can have withdrawal and life-addiction symptoms. When consumed the drug in combination with alcohol it causes fatal effects including death also.

How Long Does Hydrocodone Stay In Your System?
Let us see the half-life of the substance. About 10mg of the dose has 3.8 hours of half-life approximately. It means to say, the human body need nearly 4 hours to process this amount of chemical and to take off all the compounds present in the system. The withdrawal symptoms become evident after 6-12 hours of last consumption.

The drugs are wiped off from the system at different time intervals and, therefore, it can be detected at variable time periods and also after a long time the effects fade off. The “detection window” is a certain time after the consumption during which the traces of the drug can be detected.

Hydrocodone cannot be traced through sweat or blood screening. You can find the traces present in the saliva after 12 to 36 hours of last intake. In urine, it can be traced to 2 to 4 days after the last consumption.

Drug Testing To Detect Hydrocodone

The employers check the employees to detect hydrocodone to keep the work environment drug free and ensure safety to the workers. Additionally, it is done when you are met with on-site work accident or if you face any drug issues. Drug testing does not usually look for the impairment currently or usage of drugs containing hydrocodone for pain relief.

While the testing takes account of hydrocodone or the metabolite of the chemical present in urine or bloodstream. If the chemical is detected then, the test turns to be positive. This type of measure is termed as “cut-off level.” At times, these levels are set low so as to determine the passive users as well and there are minimal chances of getting negative results.


Usually, the hydrocodone, when combined with any of the medication, helps alleviate pain or coughing. In case, if you are using the drug to explore its euphoric effects and for nonmedical reasons then there are chances of getting addicted. As the drug is more habit-forming, you are soon psychologically and physically dependent on the drug. To keep away from the drug addiction here are some tips:

  • Consult your doctor, if you notice a strong will to consume the medicine more than the prescribed amount.
  • To consume hydrocodone, do not chew, inject, or crush it.
  • Large dose of hydrocodone is not recommended
  • Always consume the drug for a prescribed period by the doctor and do not prolong the duration.
  • As per the doctor recommendation, take only the stipulated amount.

Before Using The Medicine

Once you are up to the consumption of the drug, then you are prone to many risks. So, before proceeding with the intake, here are some precautions you must take.

In case, if you are having breath problems or asthma or paralytic ileus that is bowel obstructions then avoid using this. Giving away or selling of the chemical is not lawful.

To ensure your safety while using this drug, you can discuss with your doctor and tell him or her complete scenario especially your health state.

  • Any type of lung disease or breathing problem
  • Brain tumor, seizures, or brain tumor can be a risk factor
  • Alcohol addiction, mental illness, or drug abuse in the past then do not use this product
  • Kidney or liver disease
  • Long QT syndrome that is the heart rhythm disorder
  • Problems with urination
  • Gallbladder, thyroid, or pancreas problem
  • Stomach or intestine blockage also has a higher risk.
  • Your nursing baby may be harmed by the medication as these chemicals find passage into the baby’s body through breast milk. While you are consuming these medications, do not breastfeed the baby.
  • In older adults, the chances of getting affected from hydrocodone are higher and likely to harm.

How To Consume Hydrocodone?

As mentioned earlier, it is much necessary for you to stick to the strict schedules while consuming. Even if you are consuming at regular intervals and the amount prescribed by the doctor, it is habit forming. Before you consume, make sure you read the instructions on the product thoroughly. As the product is quite vulnerable and harm your breathing. Do not take more than the prescribed amount. Take care to check out the amount of prescription. If there is any change, implement it immediately in your dosage without any fault. If you feel the medicine can no longer make you feel better and fail to relieve pain then speak to your doctor about alternate medicine.

In case, if you had used these drugs in the recent past, check with your doctor and know how tolerant your body is? Swallow the dosage as a whole and do not crush it open. Do not give off using hydrocodone all of a sudden as you are likely to experience the unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. Your doctor can advise you on a better time to give up the usage of the drug.

Never extract the powder from the pill and make it a liquid to inject into your veins as it may result in death. Also, misuse of similar drugs gives fatal effects. To store the drug, keep it at room temperature, away from light, heat, and moisture. While using the medicine, track the usage as you empty the each bottle. Remember the hydrocodone remain an abusive drug and make sure if you are using the drug properly with a prescription.

Once you complete the treatment and if you are left with pills, then flush them into the toilet. Flushing of medicine reduces the chances of accidental deaths due to overdose. However, the piece of advice holds good only for a couple of medicines. The method devised by FDA in association with the manufacturer’s to prevent potential side effects and ensure human safety.

What If You Have Skipped A Dose?

Since, the drug treat your pain effectively, there are relatively lesser chances of you missing your dose. If you do not remember the past dose and it is already time for the next one then skip that dose. To make up the missed dosage do not take some extra amount.

What If You Have Overdose?

You are in need of emergency medical service. The overdose can prove fatal in the case of kids or taken without any prescription. Some of the symptoms of overdosage include slow heart rate and breathing, dank and cold skin, muscle weakness, severe drowsiness, fainting, and pinpoint pupils.

What Should Be Discarded During Hydrocodone Usage?

Dangerous or deadly side effects when you consume alcohol during the drug intake. Also, make sure any of the food or any other products does not comprise the alcohol.

The medication may also hamper your thinking process. While you are on these drugs, avoid operating any machinery or driving until you know the impact of the medicine on your body. Owing to severe dizziness you may fall off losing body balance causing accidents.

Hazardous Symptoms Of Using Hydrocodone

Here are few signs or side effects resulting due to usage. If you find any of these, then consult your doctor immediately and stop using the drug.

  • Shallow, weak, or difficult breathing
  • Burning or pain while urinating
  • Severe drowsiness, tremors, or confusions
  • Feeling dizzy

While some of the common side effects include

  • Dry mouth
  • Itching
  • Back pain and muscle pain
  • Swelling in hands and feet
  • Feeling tired and mild drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Symptoms of cold including stuffed nose, sore throat, and sneezing
  • Nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, and constipation

What Is The Ideal Dose Of The Medicine?

For Pain

In case of adults, the usage of drugs content is recommended by the doctors who are knowledgeable on the quantity of the dosage to treat chronic pains. Initially, start off with the 10 mg oral dosage in every 12 hours in every 3 to 7 days. The amount is required to achieve the desired physical condition. While taking the drug, it must be measured and checked right if the amount is good enough to get the adequate physical condition and minimize the adverse effects. Moreover, patients consuming these required regular monitoring to analyze the pain control and physical stability to withstand the adverse effects. Also, the medical professionals ought to check the patients for the growth of any addiction, misuse, or abuse. In case, if the patients are experiencing intense pain may need an increase in the dosage. Or they may need rescue medication with required dose to get immediate analgesic.

If you find any unacceptable adverse effects, then the dosage may be reduced. To obtain the required dosage obtain a balance between adverse reactions and pain management.

The maximum dose of the drug may be 40 or 50 mg each dose. Or on a whole day the total dosage may come up to 80 mg. These maximum dosages are administered only for people with a high tolerance to the opioid.

To manage the pain severity, you require treatment on daily and around-the –clock basis. The opioid treatment pays you in the long run and this cannot be replaced by any of the other alternative medication options.

What Other Drugs Affect You When Combined With Hydrocodone?

Once again combining this drug with any of the other medicine may give rise to severe side effects. You may have some of the symptoms of feeling sleepy, finding difficulty in breathing and other dangerous life threatening effects. Before taking the drug along with muscle relaxer, sleeping pill, other pain medicine, anxiety or depression medication or any of the seizures consult your doctor.

The other drugs taken along with this drug may be vitamins, over the counter drugs, or herbal products may react with the hydrocodone resulting in the adverse reaction. Also, mention all the details of the drugs you are consuming with the healthcare professional. And the medicine you had used before and currently stopped using. Not all the evident side effects are reported. Always consult the doctor for any medical help. You can always access the listed FDA side effects.

Also, to the above mentioned side effects many of the other effects can occur and they need medical attention. Hydrocodone drug is available in the form of an oral tablet, oral syrup, and oral liquid.

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