An Introduction to Ear Pain Relief

When we hear well and we don’t have any pain in this area, we usually barely notice our ears. This body part is one of the most important ones and that’s why we should always maintain their health. However, there are situations in which people are facing ear pain.

Pain can be very unpleasant and this is especially true for pain that occurs in very sensitive parts of the body like the ears. Ear pain can be very intense and uncomfortable. It can affect our ability to finish the daily tasks. The ear is connected with the nose and throat and the illnesses in these areas can transfer to the ear too.

Many people agree that ear pain is one of the worst types of pain. This is the reason why most people decide to look for effective ear pain relief solution once they notice the first signs of this problem. Some choose to visit the doctor’s office, while others rely on natural remedies.

Mother Nature has never left us disappointed. In the past, when pharmaceutical industry didn’t exist, people have used fold medicines that were used for hundreds of years. It is up to the patient to decide which type of ear pain relief option you will use, but what is more important is to take some measures as soon as possible.


What causes an earache?

This is a condition that occurs due to several different factors, but the most common ones are irritation caused by improper cleaning of the ear and cold. Doctors always advise cleaning with the help of gauze and if you feel more comfortable to use ear sticks for children. They are designed in a way that prevents people to insert these sticks too much and damage the eardrum. Otitis is a disease that is most common in children, but it is not unusual for adults to get infected too.

Middle ear infections are typical for children and babies. This infection affects the eardrum. Persons affected by this infection experience pain, bloating and pressure in the ears. The body temperature can rise too.

Outer ear infections affect the eardrum along the Eustachian tube. The tube swells and becomes inflamed. People can experience a mild fever, mucus from the ear, temporary hearing loss and pain.

Things to avoid in cases of ear pain

People who have ear problems on a regular basis usually have more ear wax in the ears compared to other people. In order to reduce the amount of ear wax, we should eat less saturated fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acids don’t affect the production of ear wax.

Avoid foods that contain sugar, dairy products, meat and abundant meals, at least during the period of problems. Dairy products support the production of sticky mucus in the body which means that they increase the risk of ear infections and pain. Excessive amount of sweet and starches reduce the resistance of the body and worsen the problems in the ears.

People, who are prone to ear problems, should stop consuming all dairy products. In addition to creating more mucus, it has been proven that milk allergy can lead to ear pain.

Earache Pain Relief Tips

The fact that this pain can be very intense and sharp doesn’t mean that it cannot be soothed with home remedies. If the problem persists or if the pain is unbearable, you should definitely consult a doctor.

Zinc supplements

Zinc supplements support the immune system. People who often experience ear pain should take 25 mg of zinc. Children should take smaller amounts of zinc.

Vitamin C

In cases of ear pain, doctors recommend taking up to 1000 mg of vitamin C, three times a day, until the pain is gone. If the patient notices diarrhea, the amount is reduced. In addition, they can also use about 500 mg of bioflavonoids. The earache pain relief that these substances provide is instant.


According to many naturopaths, houseleek is the best earache pain relief option for people of all ages. In addition to soothing ear pain, it can also help in cases of hearing loss. Ear pain is usually a result of accumulation of ear wax – solid yellowish secretion. Houseleek juice has the ability to dissolve ear wax which automatically leads to relieving of pressure in this area. Simply take a few leaves of this plant and squeeze a few drops of juice. This juice should be present in the ear lobe only for a short period of time, but this is sufficient to relieve pain.


Garlic is known for the many healing properties. Two drops of warm garlic oil should be placed two times a day in the painful eat and this ear pain treatment should be performed for five days in a row. Garlic contains selenium, germanium and sulfur. These substances can destroy bacteria responsible for the occurrence of ear pain. In case the pain is mild and you feel that this is a beginning of an ear infection, it is sufficient to pour some olive or sunflower oil before bedtime.


This plant is available in the form of tincture or pill and it acts as a natural antibiotic. It stimulates the strengthening of the immune system. Doctors who use Echinacea in treating ear infections advise the use of 2 tinctures a day in children and about 200 mg of standardized solution for adults (three times a day). It is a good idea to take Echinacea from the moment you notice the first symptoms and keep taking it until the pain is gone.


Taking more water or natural juices can also provide ear pain relief. In addition, the frequent swallowing will help the body cleanse the Eustachian tube. Chewing and yawning are also a good way to clean the Eustachian tube and relieve ear pain.

Finally, keep in mind that acute ear infection accompanied with sharp and intense pain requires professional medical attention. People who often have severe problems with their ears should take some preventive measures too.

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